Get Points to Search on Bing!

When searching on the internet, what is your favorite search engine?  Did you know when you login with your Microsoft account and search through Bing that you can earn points?


Since 2012, I’ve been earning points for searching through Bing and earning Amazon gift cards.  Recently, Microsoft made a change to the different ways you earn rewards through searching with their search engine, and made it more visually appealing.  By going to Bing each day, there is a set of links to click on for 10 points and sometimes there is even a quiz where you earn even more points.

There is also a current day streak, so the more days you visit Bing in a row, the more points you will get as you keep that streak going.  Right now I am at a 22 day streak and if I visit 5 more days, I’ll receive 105 bonus points.  It all adds up!  Those points can be used for entries into contests, donations to charity, or even gift cards.

A few years ago I had a good routine going on… I’d get up, go to Bing, get my points in and then search Home Depot, Best Buy and a few other sites to get a couple extra search points in.  The reason for searching Home Depot and Best Buy is those sites have a deal of the day.  I’d be so interested in finding out what those deals would be… you never know what you may find as a deal that you’re already in the market to purchase.

With Bing, there is not a referral link.

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