Family Fare Shoppers – Free Wednesday Item!

For those of you who have a Family Fare store close by, did you know there is a free item  you can ‘clip’ to your card every Wednesday?  Where we moved to in the UP of Michigan, Family Fare and Family Dollar are the stores we go grocery shop at unless we want to cross the bridge (an $8 round trip for the bridge fee) or drive about an hour north to go to Meijers or Walmart.

As we got settled, I ended up getting my own Family Fare card since I needed it to link to my Ibotta account to get credit on certain purchases.  If you aren’t familiar with Ibotta, it’s a great app where you can get money back on certain items… sometimes it’s an ‘any brand’, so it doesn’t matter what specific brand is actually purchased.  I’ll write more of a specific post about Ibotta, but feel free to use my referral link if you’d like to sign up now.

Anyways, going back to the main topic on Family Fare, every Sunday I will go to their website and view the weekly add to see what that week’s free item is that’s available to download on Wednesday only.  I’ve been doing this for 3 weeks so far and have gotten oatmeal, salsa and granola bars for free.  If I had paid attention the week before, creamer would have been added to that list!

The key item to remember is to login to your Family Fare account on Wednesdays and ‘clip’ the free item onto your card.  Pay attention to the expiration date though, since there is one for how long you have to redeem that free item.  I always try to redeem it that same week since they have it right when you walk in the front door, or somewhere that is very easy to find.


I’ve not tried the oatmeal or salsa yet, but the almond butter Nature Valley layered granola bars are amazing.  They also have a peanut butter flavor.  I guess since this week’s item was a name brand, there weren’t any boxes in the little basket when you first walk in the store.  Typically there are quite a few items left to grab from that free download of the week.

Another store I know that does a free download is Kroger, and theirs is on a Friday.  Back when I lived in Southern Illinois, that was one of my Friday tasks I’d remember to do.

Regardless of whether we like the free item or not, I still like getting it since it can be given to a food pantry… or if it’s an item that we’ve not tried before, it gives us a good reason to. 🙂

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