Get rewarded for your receipts!

I hope everyone had a great week!  Last weekend I wrote about the app, Fetch Rewards, and how you can get points for receipts that you take pictures of – as long as they are specific brands that they have listed.

ReceiptPal and Receipt Hog are two other apps that allow you to take pictures of any receipt, and in return receive points to redeem rewards.


These are both free apps to download on Apple and Android devices.

ReceiptPal – Once you sign up for an account with ReceiptPal, you will have ‘cards’ to fill up with 4 different receipts.  Once you fill up a ‘card’, you will earn 100 points and a chance to win the weekly prize drawing.  As I have been a member of this app for a long time (more than 3 years), I’ve never won a weekly drawing – however, there is always that chance!  I have redeemed gift cards to use at Amazon though, so snapping pictures of receipts has been worth it.  Any receipt is accepted, as long as it meets the criteria they have mentioned in the rules.  There is not a referral link for this app.


Receipt Hog – This is also a free app you can download and once you are signed up for an account, you can snap any type of receipt as long as it meets the criteria they mention in the tutorial.  This app has come a long ways since I first downloaded it about 3 years ago.  At first you were only able to download certain types of receipts, but now they allow pretty much any type.  For each receipt, you get coins and entries into their monthly drawing.  Like ReceiptPal, I have not ever won one of their drawings, but I have won coins on the Hog Slots you get to play once you meet a goal of snapping pictures of receipts every week.  The longer your streak, the more slots you get to play.  There are also levels you reach to earn you even more coins.

As you receive coins, those can be used for a couple magazine subscriptions, PayPal payout, or an Amazon gift card.

This is also an app that does not have a referral link.


If you haven’t downloaded these apps already, and don’t mind taking pictures of the receipts you have, these could help bring in some gift cards/money for you.  As with anything, it only takes remembering to say yes to a receipt when asked (or pick that one up that you see in the self-checkout lane that was forgotten about, or not wanted)… this also takes a little bit of your time to also remember to go into each of these apps to take a picture, then submit.  It’s been worth it to me, so maybe it will be to you, too!

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