Lucktastic – Scratch off cards for free!

Do you love scratch off lottery tickets?  If so, there is an app called Lucktastic that is an app available in the Google Play Store and Apple App store to download.  It is free to join and free to play.

Every day there is a new set of scratch off tickets that are available to scratch off.  Each day you login and scratch off tickets you receive a reward.  Sometimes it could be several entries into a contest, tokens, or even money (most I’ve gotten is 50 cents, but still… that can add up!).  Throughout the day there may be an additional scratch off ticket as well to play.  If you have your notifications turned on, you will be notified.

Each night at 9 p.m. EST (8 p.m. CST), there is a set of nightfall cards available to scratch off.

For each scratch card, you have a chance to win money and tokens.  For each card, you do get tokens no matter what.

With the tokens, you can redeem those for gift cards, or enter contests.

This app has been around a while and has definitely improved since it first came out.  There are advertisements as well that play usually for each scratch card… most are for apps, but some are for actual products, so it’s a bit like watching a commercial on TV.  For a chance to win money though, why not?

Here is a link associated with my account on Lucktastic.  It does award me 1,000 tokens, so when you sign up, you’ll be able to invite your friends with your own link.

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