SPRYFIT – Challenges that Pay you to get your steps!

A while back I ran across an app called GymPact, which allowed you to connect an activity tracker (like a Fitbit) to the app.  Since this app is no longer I won’t spend much time talking about it, but the reason why I mention it, is because it led me to find another app that WILL pay for reaching a goal.  With GymPact (which actually changed it’s name to Pact at one point), you would specify how many days you would be active, or get your steps in, and if you didn’t, how much you are willing to pay.  I did what I could to get the maximum benefit out of this app by saying I would work out 7 days a week, and pay $5 for any missed day.  Since I did not miss any, the payments added up – it was usually around $100 a year.  The day the app shut down, is the day I stopped really caring about my daily steps.  Money can be a motivator!

This app called SPRYFIT is one I joined October 2017.  How the app works, is you connect an activity tracker to your account and join a challenge.  There are free challenges to join, so if you want to be sure your activity tracker does really work with the syncing of the app, that is a great way to have a better peace of mind, if you need it. 🙂  You could also do what I did, and pay to join a challenge, then reach out to their support team to find out why your steps aren’t syncing (they don’t sync until the challenge actually starts).  Their support team is very responsive as well.

There are also challenges that have an entry fee.  That entry fee is guaranteed to be paid back to you if you are one of the winners.  The winners get a portion of the total prize, which is the entry fees paid in by each participant.

The first challenge I joined was $29 and I would walk 10,000 steps for 4 weeks.  During that challenge, I could miss 4 days.  When the challenge ended, even though it took a couple days for the money to be put in my FIT account within the app, I was pleasantly surprised to see $38.28 was deposited.

I then joined another challenge for 6 weeks, and this time it was only 7500 steps you had to get.  This was also around the holidays, so I made sure to get those steps in!  The entry fee for that challenge was $19 and I ended up getting $29.15 once the challenge ended.

As I was looking back through past challenges, I noticed the higher the step goal, the length of the challenge shortened.  I decided to join the 2 week challenge where 12,500 daily steps is the goal and only 2 days can be missed.  This morning I did get notification that I’m one of the winners, so it’ll be exciting to see how much each winner will get this time.

For those of you where money is a motivator to get up and moving, I’d definitely recommend this app.  Unfortunately it is not something you can quit your job over, but the winnings can add up!  By using my link below, I will get $2 in credit, but you will get $3! 🙂

Join a game, Get FIT and Earn Cash in SPRYFIT. Get $ 3 Credit with this code 1ee599. 👉 https://spryfit.app.link/U4wtMbzn6J 👈 #SPRYFIT

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