For those of you reading this post, thank you for taking the time to do so!  The purpose of this blog will be to inspire others… whether it is through inspirational articles, products found, and apps/services that have some kind of value.

To give a bit of background about myself, I grew up in Southern Illinois, but live in the UP of Michigan now.  In my spare time I love spending time with friends, finding the next best app to download (especially one that pays you for something!), and exploring new places.

The main picture on this blog is from a trip to Aruba the Summer before last – if you have not ever been there… I would definitely recommend it!

Please follow this blog if:

  • You are interested in inspirational articles I find from LinkedIn, Success, or any other source.
  • You love reading reviews from products tried, rather through samples or actual purchases.
  • You want to hear about different apps/websites that reward you in one way or another.

For the apps/websites that reward you in one way or another, if there is any type of incentive for me tied to it, I will be sure to let you know.  Typically those have benefits for both parties who sign up, but I’d rather be transparent than not.

Have a great Sunday!


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