Cystic Acne Problems

Last Summer I started breaking out really bad, which I figured was caused by stress… especially since that is around the time the move to Michigan was about to happen.

As time went on, and more painful pimples happened, I tried anything I could get my hands on to make these go away.  Since the move was about to happen, I didn’t make time to go see a dermatologist like I should have either.

In August 2017 I searched Amazon and ended up finding this product for cystic acne, and even though I was only self-diagnosed with this, I was pretty desperate… especially since it was over $20 for a super small jar of it.  This product is amazing and is definitely worth the price.  When this was purchased back in August 2017, I didn’t have to buy another until January 17, 2018… so it does last quite a while.  I know it would have lasted longer if I didn’t have such a huge problem beforehand though.


To view this product, click here.

In conjunction with this treatment and the Clarisonic, it has made a world of a difference.  Pictures do a lot of justice and I do wish I had those – the only thing I have are compliments from others on how much better my skin looks now.

After getting relief from the cystic acne treatment through TreeActiv, I decided to try their other products.  The face cleanser combines activated charcoal and sulfur, and even though it discolors the Clarisonic brush head, it is a good product.  With other face cleansers, they will leave my face feeling dry, but this one does not.

For those of you out there that may be like how I was, with dealing with painful pimples, this is definitely worth buying!

*I am not getting paid for advertising this product.  The purpose is to inform others of this out there. 🙂

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